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  • Starting Oct 1st, 2019, PNWCC will no more use NWCHESS for event registration. PNWCC will also no more host any NWSRS rated event - only USCF and FIDE. Before a new registration web site is fully developed, we will use following simple way to register events in PNWCC - A Google doc will be created for each event with event detail and registration list. The link to the docs will be provided on schedule page Players register for any rated PNWCC event must have a active USCF membership. Renew or buy your membership here Make payment of the entry fee by PayPal by PayPal directly to  PNWChessCenter@gmail.com OR at  https://www.paypal.me/pnwchesscenter At the payment note, provide following info Event Name and Date : (e.g. 10/4/2019 Friday Rapid)​ Section :  Player Name :  Player USCF ID : Player Published Rating : Byes :  USCF Membership Exp date :  After receiving the payment, PNWCC TD will update the registration list on the Google doc.
  • The Twin Master camp led by masters Daniel and Samuel He was a success! There were 15 kids split into 2 sections, an entry level group and intermediate level group. Daniel taught the intermediate group and lesson topics included the initiative, planning the attack on the king, and positional imbalances. The students would play training games starting from a specific position to help practice important concepts. Samuel taught the entry level group and lessons were focused on techniques to improve tactical vision, important endgames, and the planning process. The kids were very energetic throughout and had a lot of fun! Some of the chess activities were bughouse tournament, blitz tournament, chess brain teasers, blitz simul with the twins, and extremely difficult chess puzzles.
  • What you like, what you dislike, do you want to have another similar event soon?